Friday, July 23, 2010

Field Day, Melfort Research Farm 75th Anniversary, and the Parade!

Hey all! I'm sorry it's been a while since my last post - the last month has for the most part been a pretty basic month of work and just relaxing weekends. I did make it out to the lake one Sunday afternoon with some friends from church, which was super nice!

The past week has been a bit busier, starting with last Friday when I went on a bit of a road trip for work to Scott, Sk, which is about 2 hours on the west side of Saskatoon (I'm currently 2 hours northeast of saskatoon). It was the Scott Research Station's 100th anniversary, and so a few of us went to the farm for the celebration, taking tours of some of their research plots - it was a great day and I learned a lot! Plus it was really great to see more of Saskatchewan -- now I guess I just need to make it more north and I will have covered a lot of the the province!

This week we had our own celebration. On Wednesday, we had the annual field day for our farm - local farmers and staff from other research stations come to the farm for a tour of our crops (which includes various speakers who talk about the various crops, diseases, and techniques to help farmers see what research is being done in the area). It's also a great day for farmers and researchers alike to just get together and socialize, discuss their farms, share ideas, etc. This year was special as it is the Melfort Research Farm's 75th anniversary, and so in the afternoon we had a special ceremony to celebrate this milestone. Overall it was a very successful day - the weather was good for the most part, with the only downpour of rain coming near the close of the tours.

Some "highlights":
- we, the staff at the farm, were convinced to sing O Canada bilingually for the ceremony -- this may not seem like a big deal, but Sask is not such a bilingual ended up working out but was definitely an issue debated over at the farm!
- as part of the 75th anniversary, the research farm entered a float into the parade today (this parade kicks off the Melfort Exhibition/Fair which is this weekend). Once again, a beautiful day for a parade!
- today I had my first "bakery sub" - the bakery here is AMAZING!!!!! I should have had one of these before, but as I usually bring my lunch to work, haven't really had a chance to yet. As these have been raved about at work since I started, it was about time I had one!!! And I'm super glad that I did!

I guess the greatest highlight of this past few weeks is that we're getting more and more sunny days! It's been pretty warm the last few -- and I biked every day this week (though there was one night where I just got a ride home because it had been raining and the next morning we had to be at work early, so I just left my bike at work....) so that I believe is a first for the summer!

Overall, things are going really well! Some of you who I have talked to over the past month may know that I've been kinda homesick these past few weeks -- it's a weird balance of loving my job and the people here but at the same time hating missing out on everything back home! The good news is, as much as I would love to be in Ontario with everyone, things are really great here. This past week esp has been really good for boosting my confidence! I'm slowly connecting more with people here and just falling in love with the province (don't worry, Ontario is where I want to go back to -- and all you wonderful people there!) I can often stand in the field at work, look at the sky and the crops and just smile -- it's super beautiful, esp with everything flowering.

Well that's all I can really think of to update you guys with now! Thanks for reading (I know this one wasn't overly exciting). I'm looking forward to seeing what the fair has to offer this weekend as well as excited for my friend Henri to stop in on his way back to ontario next weekend!

Hope you all are well and that we get to talk soon!

love, Holly

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